Friday, June 16, 2006

In Praise of the First Kiss

OK, I'm sorry, but is there anything hotter than kissing? I mean, really.

Today something really hot happened. Someone I've known for a while--several years, in fact--who I've been friends with during that time, has recently gone from casual friend to sexual acquaintance. And today we had our first kiss. Hot!

Now this is not something I saw coming. Not in the least. "J" and I have palled around each other for the past two years, going to events and having lunch and whatnot without any trace of sexual attraction. Or so I thought. And then, just the other day, I saw him again and there was this DING! DING! DING! in my head, like some switch had been flipped all of a sudden, and I saw him in a whole brand new light. Suddenly he was HOT, and I wanted to go mouth-to-mouth with him in a big way.

I suppose to be totally honest, there had been some kind of vague flirtation here and there, but maybe I just wasn't in the right head space to see it. Who knows? Oh well. I suppose I wasn't ready for it.

Anyway, today, finally, after a few days of flirtatious banter back and forth via IM and text messages (yes, I'm a text message freak!), we sealed the deal. And it wasn't one of those romantic "let's build up to it" moments; it was a full-on, passionate, "we've been dying to do this for days" kiss. You know the one: it's the kind that is both amazing and anti-climactic, because there's been so much heat building up to it that you have all these expectations, but at the same time it's not what you expected and you don't realize until a few seconds later--when you do it again--how good it was.

And it was niiiiiiiice...

It's so funny how the sensation of two mouths together can be such a beautiful, erotic, sensual experience. Like who thought of that? How did the very first people who ever kissed figure out that if they put their mouths together, it would create this amazing sensation in your body? Did the cave dwellers of prehistoric times partake of this? When did it become the "in" thing to do? I just think that it's quite possibly one of the most revolutionary inventions in human history. Amazing how industrious we are as a race, iddn't it? We just figure these things out in our heads and go for it. Gotta love human ingenuity.

Well, sometimes anyway.

Now I don't know if this little occurance between my buddy and I will amount to anything substantive. He's kind of embroiled in an on-again-off-again thing with someone, and me, I'm just off in La-La Land right now not really in the market for anything (though God knows my options are open), so it's anyone's guess where things go from here. But at the moment, my head is buzzing and I'm a little bit dizzy from the excitement of what just happened not more than 40 minutes ago, and I just felt the need to come on here and type out an ode to kissing.

Kissing rocks! :)


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