Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the Porn Set

Sometimes I gotta love my life! Last week I got to go up into the mountains in the San Fernando Valley and visit the set of All Worlds Video's newest adult film, He F*cked My Father. Yes, you heard the title right. I don't think it's a mystery, though. I think it's more of a comedy. (Then again, isn't every porn film these days a comedy? They sure make ME laugh.)

I was up there to interview this new hottie, Wolf Hudson. He's a straight boy from New York who got into gay porn because the money is good. Go figure. Wolf was a lot of fun to chat with, and I even got to stick around and watch him film his scene with co-stars Kai and Vance. It was funny because as I looked around the "set," I saw little salamanders and lizards scurrying every which way. (You gotta love the California desert.) Thankfully, none of them interfered with the shoot. Can you imagine if lizards started scurrying past porn stars as they were doing their thing? Actually, I bet Wolf Hudson would've liked that. He's kinky that way.

I didn't stay on set too long, just long enough to interview Wolf and watch the first part of his scene being filmed. I also spent a little bit of time ogling Cameron Marshall, who was posing for still photos for photographer Mick Hicks. Talk about a hottie. Mr. Marshall is the blond boy of my wettest dreams. Yummy.

Anyway, here are some pics from the shoot. Hope you enjoy!

Hollywood Ken

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